Here are the steps to successfully complete a subcontracting process in SAP MM:

Step 1: Creating a subcontracting Info record; T Code – ME11
Step 2: Creating a subcontracting PO with an item category; L – T Code –  ME21N —>

  • Enter Item Category L
  • Material, PO Quantity, Delivery Date, Net Price, Plant
  • Click on the Item Details
  • Go to Tab Material Data
  • Now, in Components, select Explode BOM
  • Click on the Components button
  • Enter the sub-components
  • Finally, go back & Save.

Step 3: Create a Transfer Posting with the Movement Type 541 for issuing sub-components into the vendor T Code -ME2O/ MIGO.

Step 4: Make a Goods Receipt for the finished product – T Code -MIGO

Step 5: Lastly, create an Invoice Receipt for the services performed – T Code – MIRO

BY Best Interview Question ON 06 Jun 2020