We can try by doing the following steps:-
  • Step 1:-Download & install the DbVisualizer.
  • Step 2:-Now in the Driver Manager add the JDBC driver jar as a Neo4j driver.
  • Step 3:- Then add a connection to the database.
  • Step 4:- Now Under the "Connection properties" change the "SQL Statements" as written below:

              SELECT ALL: start n=node(0) match (n)-[:TYPE]->(type)<-[:IS_A]-(instance) return *

              SELECT COUNT: start n=node(0) match (n)-[:TYPE]->(type)<-[:IS_A]-(instance)return count(instance).

Now user can be able to browse the type nodes as the tables & the nodes of those types as the rows. Now user can use the "SQL Commander" to for issuing an arbitrary Cypher query to the Neo4j server.

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