We can try by doing the following steps:-
  • Step 1:-Download & install the DbVisualizer.
  • Step 2:-Now in the Driver Manager add the JDBC driver jar as a Neo4j driver.
  • Step 3:- Then add a connection to the database.
  • Step 4:- Now Under the "Connection properties" change the "SQL Statements" as written below:

              SELECT ALL: start n=node(0) match (n)-[:TYPE]->(type)<-[:IS_A]-(instance) return *

              SELECT COUNT: start n=node(0) match (n)-[:TYPE]->(type)<-[:IS_A]-(instance)return count(instance).

Now user can be able to browse the type nodes as the tables & the nodes of those types as the rows. Now user can use the "SQL Commander" to for issuing an arbitrary Cypher query to the Neo4j server.

BY Best Interview Question ON 15 Apr 2019