The key features of the Couchbase Server are as follows:-
  • Fast – Couchbase Server is high-speed and it process complex requests in a short time. Couchbase Server provides low latency and high throughput. The performance cost is also very low.
  • Simple – Couchbase Server is straightforward to understand, manage, install, expand and use. In the couch. It is not essential to create and maintain the schemas in a couchbase server.
  • Elastic – The Couchbase Server makes it very easy to relate the optimal quantity of resources to the ever-changing requirements of an application by distributing the data and me/O over virtual machines or over commodity servers. In couchbase server, the nodes can be extended from 1 to 100 tons and can also get reduced to uphold the application performance.
  • Adaptive:- Couchbase servers adopt minor and significant changes in a straightforward way.
  • Reliable – Couchbase server is very much stable and an enterprise-ready software, therefore, anyone can trust in mission-critical applications.

This is a fundamental Couchbase interview question.

BY Best Interview Question ON 24 Mar 2019