There are 4 types of database languages:-
  • Data Definition Language:-It includes CREATE:-Create a new database or table, ALTER:-Alter the existing database or table, DROP: It drops the database, RENAME: Set a new name for the current database

  • Data Manipulation Language:- It includes:-SELECT: Retrieve the data from the database, INSERT: Insert the data, UPDATE: Update the data, DELETE: Delete all the records

  • Data Control Language:-It includes:-GRANT: It gives permission to access the database, REVOKE: Take back the permission to access the database.

  • Transaction Control Language:- It includes COMMIT: It saves the work, SAVEPOINT: It sets a point in the transaction to rollback later, ROLLBACK: It restores since the last commit

Point to be noted: Go through this Q&A very thoroughly as this is one of the critical DBMS interview questions for freshers.

BY Best Interview Question ON 18 Mar 2020