Let us learn about the procedures in detail:

1. It can be installed using Linux's best installation architecture.

  • In order to serve the purpose first add the repository to APT by using the command on terminal 'sudo apt-add-repository -y PPA: Ansible/Ansible'
  • Now update the repository by using the command 'sudo apt-get update'
  • Using the command 'sudo apt-get install -y Ansible' Ansible can be installed

2. with the help of Python installer:

  • First of all, install python on your local machine
  • Using the command 'sudo pip install Ansible' on terminal install Ansible.
  • This can be updated with the command 'sudo pip install --upgrade Ansible'.

As soon as sensible that's installed on your system you can verify it with the help of command 'Ansible --version. This Ansible interview question has proved to be a tiebreaker in many conditions.

BY Best Interview Question ON 05 Oct 2019