It means to store the test data which includes input and expected output into an external data source like Excel, Database, XML file. A later iteration of this data source using a respective component can be done.

Data-Driven Testing using SOAP UI-

  • Open the SoapUI editor and click on File > New > Functional Test and enter the .wsdl URL as shown in the image below-
  • Click on Finish Button.
  • To create a new test suite, right-click on “Project” and then click on “New Test Suite”.
  • Right-click on “Test Suite” and click “New Test Case” to create a test case under that suite.
  • Right-click on “Test Case” and then go to Add Step > Properties, values of defined variables are held by these properties.
  • Now again Right-click on “Test Case” and click Add Step > SOAP Request.
  • In Add Step > Groovy Script, the user has to place the groovy script and click on the “Save” option.
BY Best Interview Question ON 24 Dec 2021