Updated on 19 Jun 2021 | 3 Min Read

In this article, you’re going to learn what is the difference between react and react native. But before that, you must know what is react Js and react native. Let’s dive into this guide!

What is React JS?

React JS is often called react and it is a JavaScript library responsible for rendering UI components. In 2011 react JS is developed by Facebook software engineer, Jordan Walke for the newsfeed section only. Initially, it was only maintained by Facebook. But later it was used in other products of Facebook such as Whatsapp & Instagram. Finally, In 2013, React Js is publicly released as an open-source framework. If you are looking for a React.js interview questions, then check out here.

What is React Native?

Another open-source JavaScript framework is React native. It is mainly used for developing mobile applications for android, windows, and IOS. In 2013, react native is developed by Facebook for its internal project called Hackathon. In 2015, Facebook announced it as an open-source JavaScript framework and become available on GitHub. Initially, it was designed for only iOS applications, but now it is also available for the android operating system.

In react native, the only JavaScript is used for building a cross-platform mobile application. It is quite similar to react Js, but for the building blocks in react native, native components are used instead of web components. Instead of targeting the web browser, it focuses on mobile platforms. All the important interview questions of react native are listed here, if you’re looking for the same then check these questions.

What is the difference between React and React Native?

Even react and react native both are open-source JavaScript frameworks but still they differ from each other in many aspects. The following table shows the differences between React and React native.

React React Native
It was publicly released in 2013. It was open to the public in 2015.
React is platform-independent and can be used on all platforms. React native is platform-dependent and requires lots of effort to execute on all platforms.
It is mainly used for the development of web applications. It focuses on the development of mobile development.
HTML tags are used in React JS. HTML tags are not used in React native.
It comes with high security. As compared to React JS it provides low security.
The code components are used that saves a lot of time. In React native UI components and modules can be reused.
Virtual Dom is used for rendering the browser code. In this, API is used for rendering mobile applications.
For navigation between web pages, react-router is used. For navigating mobile applications, there is a built-in navigator library.
It takes less time for initialization as compared to React native. It takes more time for run-time initialization.

For the Applications and web development both React JS and React natives works as a pillar framework. For building dynamic, high-performance, and responsive UI designs for web browsers, React JS is quite useful. However, React native, is ideal for building mobile applications that provide a true and amazing native feel environment on mobile browsers.