You know why we have two ears and one tongue so that we can listen more and speak less. If you are not a good listener you will never be able to get another person's point of view.

Below are reasons why being a good listener would be good for you

  • Listening raises trust level- When someone tries to show the effort to listen, they accept your interest. This makes them more comfortable towards you in sharing things and being open.
  • It reduces misunderstandings- There are many factors for misunderstandings but one of the most common factors is poor communication. When you are listening to others there are fewer chances to mishear something.
  • Listening improves business relationships- If you have a career that involves interaction with people, listening to them, builds better business relationships with team members and clients.
  • Improves leadership skills- Being a good leader requires a better listener. Active listening helps you hear different perspectives and ideas of your team and prevent misunderstanding.
BY Best Interview Question ON 29 Sep 2022

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