• First, I will ask the sales team to introduce me as a new project manager. The sales team will convey to the customer that we are assigning a new project manager by saying that your new project manager has experience completing and delivering complicated projects.
  • My next task would be to communicate with the customer and ensure that the delivery of the project will be made with the desired quality they are expecting. I will convince the customer of their cooperation and appreciate their patience. Meanwhile, let me go through the project details and the entire team working on the project.
  • I will invite the customer to project management software (whatever the company uses). With this approach, the customer will always be in the loop and can see how the project is divided into doable tasks and is moving towards completion. Also, I will communicate progressive updates or milestone achievements to the client regularly.
  • These above approaches will help regain confidence in the customer.
BY Best Interview Question ON 01 Dec 2022