To be an assistant principal is not an easy job. From balancing the demands of teachers and students, responding to parents, to managing the school's daily activities, they have to offer a lot. So what makes you a successful assistant principal? Let's learn some of their qualities.

  • Takes the initiative:- They don't sit when something needs attention; rather, they take steps to resolve it.
  • Communicate Effectively:- From managing daily school activities to dealing with unhappy parents, communication skills are necessary to clarify new policies, resolve heated situations, etc.
  • Fair and Consistent:- Parents and teachers expect their students to be treated consistently and fairly without showing any favouritism.
  • Passionate:- Any assistant principal must be passionate about teaching and learning to make a difference in students' lives.
  • Growth-Minded:- Since this is the business of education, their actions must inspire all adults to be lead- learners as they are curious and opportunistic.
BY Best Interview Question ON 19 Nov 2021