Adobe productive cloud is a chamber of industry-leading creative appeal for desktop and mobile devices.

The suite includes-

1. Photoshop

It works with pixel-based images designed for print, web, and mobile apps.

2. Premiere pro

It is the company-leading video editing software for film, TV, and websites.

3. Illustrator

It lets you design anything you can imagine †"from logos and icons to graphics and illustrations, and customize it with professional-level precision and time-saving features.

4. Adobe Stock

It is an assistance that gives designers and businesses access to millions of good-quality curated and royalty-free photos, videos, illustrations, vector graphics, 3D assets, and templates for all their projects.

5. In design

It is a desktop publishing and layout application for creating books, magazines, and brochures, as well as copy and digital publications.

6. Adobe express

creates impressive social media graphics, promotional videos, and single-page websites.

NOTE: Adobe interview questions are tough to clear; overall, Adobe's approach is one of the most difficult. It seems like a difficult competition, but if you are the correct fit and have all the skills, there is no way you won't be selected.

BY Best Interview Question ON 11 Jan 2023