There are lots of differences between storage engines. Some are given below:-

  • MyISAM supports Table-level Locking, but InnoDB supports Row-level Locking
  • MyISAM designed for the need of speed but InnoDB designed for maximum performance when processing a high volume of data
  • MyISAM does not support foreign keys, but InnoDB supports foreign keys
  • MyISAM supports full-text search, but InnoDB does not support this
  • MyISAM does not support the transaction, but InnoDB supports transaction
  • You cannot commit and rollback with MyISAM, but You can determine and rollback with InnoDB
  • MyISAM stores its data, tables, and indexes in disk space using separate three different files, but InnoDB stores its indexes and tables in a tablespace

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BY Best Interview Question ON 06 Jul 2020