The difference between microprocessor and microcontroller are: Microprocessor Microcontroller
1. The microprocessor is the central part or heart of the computer system. The microcontroller is the heart of an embedded system.
2. Microprocessor chip does not have RAM, ROM I/O units and timer. A single microcontroller chip has CPU, RAM, and ROM.
3. There is no power system feature in a microprocessor. Power saving feature is there in a microcontroller.
4. A microprocessor system is complex and expensive. The microcontroller system is inexpensive and straightforward.
5. Microprocessor depends on technology, and so the system can run at a very high speed. A microcontroller depends on its architecture, and hence the system can run up to 200 MHz.
6. Microprocessor runs on the Von-Neumann architecture where data and program can be stored in the same memory. The microcontroller runs on Harvard architecture, and so data and program memories are separate.
7. The microprocessor is generally used in personal computers. A microcontroller is used in washing machines and MP3 players.

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BY Best Interview Question ON 23 Mar 2019