Service Factory
Creates a service object in Angular by using the "new" keyword. In Angular, factories are the most popular way to create and configure a service.
It does not use a type-friendly injection mode. It uses a type-friendly injection mode.
It cannot create primitives. Factory can be used to build primitives.
It is configurable. It is not configurable.



Example of a Factory in Angular

app.controller('myFactoryCtrl', function ($scope, myFactory) {
  $scope.artist = myFactory.getArtist()

app.factory('myFactory', function () {
  var _artist = '';
  var service = {}

  service.getArtist = function () {
    return _artist

  return service;

Example of a Service in Angular

app.controller('myServiceCtrl', function ($scope, myService) {
  $scope.artist = myService.getArtist();

app.service('myService', function () {
  var _artist = '';
  this.getArtist = function () {
    return _artist;

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