• FIND searches for the records according to the given search criteria from an inverted list.
  • It gets the list according to the value which was provided in the search criteria
  • It also receives the ISN (internal sequence number) list according to the search criteria and orders the ISN list and finally finds the RABN (relative Adabas block number) using sorted ISN list
  • Lastly, it gets the exact records from the data storage and then displays the record.
READ by descriptor –
  • READ reads the complete list of records from an inverted list
  • Even if the record does not match according to the search criteria, it reads the next records starting from descriptor value and then it gets the ISN ( internal sequence number) value and finally gets RABN (relative Adabas block number) from an Address converter
  • Lastly READ gets the records and displays the record
BY Best Interview Question ON 16 Mar 2019