The couch is an acronym for Cluster Of Unreliable Commodity Hardware and DB for the database. CouchDB is an open source software. Its a complete focus is on the ease of use and embracing the web.CouchDB has a No SQL document-oriented database architecture. CouchDB is written in Erlang language.

Why is CouchDB used?
  • CouchDB assists the users with useful data mapping which allows filtering, combining and querying the information.
  • CouchDB provides easy replication of the data, and as a result, data between the machines and databases can be copied, shared and synchronized.
  • CouchDB can be directly used to write a client’s application.There is no need for another server and as a result, the development time is reduced.
  • The filter feature of CouchDB supports to replicate the database of a particular user and CouchDB also supports in replicating the database of a client.
BY Best Interview Question ON 26 Mar 2019