My favorite product is Google Maps.

Google maps

A useful product that provides a map of the world, including different views. It can help you navigate and find accurate directions to unknown places. It can also help you find out estimated wait times and popular times to visit restaurants and businesses. One reviewer says that Google Maps is better than its competitors in terms of compatibility, functionality, and coverage. However, another reviewer says that the major pain point is being overwhelmed by choice when choosing a local business.

Features maps
  • Easy navigation
  • Giving precise directions
  • Get the proper street view
  • Get satellite imagery

I would improve it by increasing the navigation. Moreover, I would also add more direction capabilities to the maps.

Through this question, the interviewer wants to test and analyze your understanding of Google and its services and products. If you are about to attend a Google interview you need to go through each of the products and services offered by Google in-depth. Also, make sure about your likes and dislikes with their features so that you can present them in precise form. Be clear and confident with your answer, this is how you will win here.

BY Best Interview Question ON 18 Feb 2024