As a Team Leader, there are certain qualities which you must possess:

  • Strong communication skills to ensure that the right information reaches the right team member for the successful completion of a task without creating any misunderstandings.
  • Highly organised with a firm grip on priorities at hand so that efficiency is not decreased.
  • Ability to trust your teammates. It’s one thing to verify tasks done by a new intern or team member and simply another thing to micromanage. You need to stop micromanaging and start trusting your teammates.
  • Each team member is a professional. They may be less experienced than you, but, in order to present yourself as a good leader, you need to respect them for what they contribute to the team, no matter how minute the contribution.
  • Lastly, you must be honest with your teammates at all times and work with the utmost integrity. Nobody likes a dishonest or corrupt team leader.
BY Best Interview Question ON 01 Dec 2022

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