On the basis of functioning

JavaScript is a scripting language which is compatible with all the major browsers and used to create interactive web-based applications. While jQuery is a framework which is the fastest JavaScript library used for the simplification of HTML document.

Time and simplicity

JavaScript is complex because it consumes the time of developers as it is important for the developers if they are using JavaScript then they have to create their own script. In the case of jQuery, developers need not write scripting as it already exists in the libraries.

Animation support

With JavaScript, it cannot be possible for the developer to use animation. On the other hand, jQuery allows the developers to use unbuild animations to make the applications interactive and attractive.

Featural aspects

JavaScript programming language is a combination of the European Manufacturing Association Script (ECMA) and Document Object Model (DOM). While on the other hand jQuery has a Document Object Model (DOM).

Interactivity feature

With the use of JavaScript, developers can make web pages more useful by suppling immediate feedback. While in case of jQuery developer can create web-based applications which becomes easier for the developer to customize the application as per the user's requirement.

BY Best Interview Question ON 29 Sep 2019