Here are some of the advantages of using Spark rather than Hadoop’s MapReduce:

  • Spark is relatively easier to program and requires a lot less of actual coding than MapReduce
  • Spark has an in-built interactive mode, whereas MapReduce is, by default, has only batch processing and does not have an in-built interactive mode.
  • Spark uses a data abstraction, RDD, to make the features more productive, whereas MapReduce does not have any concept
  • Spark executes batch processing jobs almost 10X to 100X times faster than MapReduce.
  • Spark is considered as a general-purpose cluster computing engine due to its various methods for data processing such as steaming, batch processing, and machine learning, whereas MapReduce only has a Batch Engine.
  • Spark consumes lower latency via partial or complete caching of results across various nodes whereas, MapReduce is disk-based and consumes a far higher latency.
BY Best Interview Question ON 10 Jun 2020