Some of the advantages of toad are:-
  • Connection Manager – Toad allows users to connect natively to the database of the vendor whether DbaaS. Or on-premise
  • Browser - Toad allows users to browse all the various database/schema objects and their properties effective management.
  • Editor- A way to create and also maintain the scripts and the database code with debugging and integration with the source control.
  • Unit Testing (Oracle)- Ensures that code is functionally tested before the code is released into the production.
  • SQL Optimization- Assist developers with a way to tune and optimize the SQL statements and also a database code without relying on a DBA. An advanced optimization enables DBAs to tune the SQL effectively in production.
  • Scalability testing and database workload replay- Ensures that database code and SQL is scaled correctly before it gets released into the production.
BY Best Interview Question ON 28 Mar 2019