Here is a list of some of the new features in Angular 9
  • JavaScript Bundles and Performance - A production build with Angular 8.2.7 resulted in a main.js of 246KB for ES2015 browsers. In Angular 9, this was reduced to 214KB, a 13 percent improvement from Angular 8.
  • Ivy Compiler - Ivy yields much smaller JavaScript bundles, so Ivy solves Angular's bundle weaknesses.
  • Selector-less Bindings - The Angular ViewEngine supports this pattern in the previous versions, but it was missing in Ivy's initial release.
  • Internationalization - You can use the Angular CLI to generate the standard code necessary to create files for the translators. After configuring your app to use i18n, you can smoothly run the xi18n command for extracting the localizable text into a file.

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