• Weather Reports: Weather reports can be found on all platforms like Google Search, Apple’s weather app, or from any Smart device. Now, these platforms are not in the business of weather data, so they take this source of information from a third party and do it with the help of API.
  • Log-in Using Facebook/Twitter/Google: You ever saw this sentence “Login to your account” - Every time any application loads, it checks with the help of API if a user is already logged by any of these media, if not API provides identification information.
  • Pay with PayPal: Ever pay using PayPal in any eCommerce store? Well, that also uses API to work and is very similar to the login process.
  • Twitter Bots: All bots means the account that automatically tweets, follows, sends messages are handled by Twitter API.
  • Travel Booking: Ever thought about how travel booking sites can show thousands of flights and destinations with the cheapest option? This is because of using third-party APIs to collect flight information from providers.
BY Best Interview Question ON 18 Dec 2021