Local Area Network

LAN full form is Local Area Network. It is a system of networks that connects multiple computers together in one physical location like a school, college, office, building, etc. These networks are connected using cables, switches, buses, routers, etc in different patterns or topologies.

LAN became popular after 1983 after the invention of ethernet cables. Till now there are two types of LANs used: Peer-to-peer LANs and Client/Server LANs. In peer-to-peer LAN, all the devices share an equal load and functioning of the network. This type of network is suitable for a short range of networks like home. On the other hand, the Client/Server LAN model is suitable for large networks like businesses, schools/colleges, buildings, etc. Here many clients/systems have only one central server and all the data will be stored on that server.

BY Best Interview Question ON 27 Oct 2022