In your career, there will definitely come a time when you have to deal with people who have less technical understanding and not the same understanding level as yours.

How you will address the issues to them, let's have a look

  • Don’t assume anything- Don’t lighten your efforts by assuming that your audience has some tech knowledge.
  • Use humor and humility to explain it- You have to make them comfortable and say to them in a kidding way that you are a computer nerd type of person and apologize if you get too technical.
  • Don’t try to cover it all in one go- Take care of how you are moving forward. For you, it could be incremental progress but for that person who is unfamiliar with the issue, it may feel like an earthquake.
  • Use visual content-. Research shows that picture effects can increase your memory of anything by 65% versus 10% when you are hearing it.
  • Avoid technical idioms when possible- Maybe you are habitual of using acronyms like DBMS, GCP but try to avoid using them.
BY Best Interview Question ON 29 Sep 2022

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