Six types of operations are performed on data structures:-

1. Insertion: Insertion means adding a new record or data element to the data structure.

2. Deletion: Deletion means deleting the existing record or the data element from the data structure if the component is present.

3. Searching: Searching means searching the location of the particular data element in a data structure.

4. Traversal: Traversal means accessing each data element in the data structure only once so that the data elements can be processed.

5. Sorting: Sorting means arranging data elements of a data structure in a specified order like if the data elements are numerical then in the Ascending or Descending order and if Alphanumeric then in the Dictionary order.

6. Merging: Merging means Combining the data elements of two similar data structures to form a new data structure which is of the same type.

Note: It supports multiple programming paradigms, such as internal, procedural, object-oriented, and algorithms. Our collection of data structure questions shall help you to understand the basics of this language.

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