Passport is an authentication middleware that is extremely flexible and modular. Any application might need to incorporate a user's information through third-party services. In this particular case, the application will send out a "connect" request with the user's Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Authorization is handled by calling passport.authorize(). If the authorization is granted, the result by the verify callback shall be assigned to the req.account.

Here's how authorization of a Twitter account is handled in Passport.

BY Best Interview Question ON 30 Jul 2020


  passport.authorize('twitter-authz', { failureRedirect: '/account' })

  passport.authorize('twitter-authz', { failureRedirect: '/account' }),
  function(req, res) {
    var user = req.user;
    var account = req.account;

    account.userId =; {
      if (err) { return self.error(err); }