1. Physicians: If we consider it based on the system, the effect can be treated unimportant usually. They might be ending up making a bit less from the patient than they did before, however that’s the only obvious change. Or, there may be a rise in the number of patients.

2. Patients: People who have any existing medical problems are now covered. Coverage is now obvious as well from the insurance companies. Individuals do not need to worry about their variable premiums, diverging costs, etc. The best thing is individuals do not need to feel bothered about their situation from the financial side when they are injured or need medical treatment.

3. Society: The infant death rate drops since the expense is not, at this point a factor in the endurance of birth abandons. Tax rates may increase somewhat, however, the net duty raise is not as much as what one would have paid for protection already.

BY Best Interview Question ON 07 Dec 2020