Despite your experience, all school leaders get complaints once in their life, and it could be informal written complaints or verbal comments. Important is you know how to deal with them. Let's go through some of the points by which you can deal complaints at the lowest level.

  • Listen and Agree:- Let them know that you have heard the complaint and say, "Thanks for letting me know, I'll surely work on it".
  • Empathize:- Tell them you understand their point and why they are upset. Don't act like the issue is not important because that can make the situation worse.
  • Take Responsibility and Apologize:- Doesn't matter whether you are responsible for the issue or not; taking responsibility and apologizing would resolve half of the conflict.
  • Follow Up:- Let the parent know that you have addressed the issue, thank them for coming, and ask if they have more concerns.
BY Best Interview Question ON 19 Nov 2021