The application has not been propelled or was running but instead was ended by the framework.
  • Inactive

The application is running in the foreground area yet is presently not getting events. It might execute other code, however. An application typically remains in this state just quickly as it changes to an alternate state.

  • Active

The application is running in the foreground area and is accepting events. This is the ordinary mode for frontal area applications.

  • Background

The application is out of sight and executing code. Most applications enter this state quickly on their approach to being suspended. In any case, an application that demands additional execution time may stay in this state for a timeframe. What's more, an application being launched directly into the background enters this state rather than the idle state. For data about how to execute code while out of sight, see Background Execution.

  • Suspended

The application is in the background yet isn't executing code. The framework moves applications to this state naturally and does not inform them before doing as such. While suspended, an application stays in memory yet does not execute any code.

BY Best Interview Question ON 29 Mar 2019