• Exception handling- In the new features of JDBC 4.0, there is an addition of the abilities to recover from the exceptions by including support for the chained exceptions. These are used for the retrieval of the chained exceptions.
  • Driver and connection management- DriverManager with the appropriate DataSource object gives way to the connection retrieval and allows the portability and transparency of the data source instance. There are no requirements of bringing any changes in the application code for building a connection to the different database instance.
  • Data type support- Additions of some new data types and the rise in the support for others is another unique feature of JDBC 4.0. Also, new features of the interface, SQLML are added.
  • Changes in API- Important and most required API changes have been done here in JDBC 4.0- Array, Connection and PooledConnection, DatabaseMetaData, Wrapper, Statement, PreparerdStatement, and CallableStatement, etc.
BY Best Interview Question ON 10 Apr 2019