The questions like these are the basic networking interview questions commonly asked in the interviews. There are mainly four types of networks available to us:

  • Local Area Network or LAN: A computer network that interconnects computers in a limited area locally in schools, universities, offices, etc., using a TCP/IP protocol in Ethernet or through WiFi.
  • Wide Area Network or WAN: To establish communication over large geographical distances, we use WAN. It is a collection of LANs and other types of networks that are connected for a common goal, i.e. sharing of data.
  • Metropolitan Area Network or MAN: It covers the range of communication greater than LAN but less than WAN. This type of network connects two or more buildings or any large area with multiple buildings in a city.
  • A personal Area Network or PAN: It is a network that communicates between devices over a short distance (10 meters) and provides resource sharing within this range. Examples of PAN are computers, tablets, smartphones, laptops, printers, etc.
BY Best Interview Question ON 09 Mar 2023