One of the most important and powerful features of any software programming language is Data Binding. Data binding is the automatic and instantaneous synchronization between two different layers of AngularJS i.e., model and view. There may be a situation in which the developer may have to transfer data from component(model) to view or vice versa. This problem can be easily tackled through the concept of data binding.

Types of Data Binding
  • Property Binding: Updating the value of a certain variable in the model layer and then displaying it in view is the presentation layer, this is known as Property binding.
  • Event Binding: Updating or sending the information or the values of certain variables from the view layer that is also known as the presentation layer to the component that means the model layer, this is what Event binding is.
  • Two Way Binding: It is the combination of both Property and Event binding.
BY Best Interview Question ON 04 Feb 2020