Estimated Time of Arrival

ETA full form shows the estimated arrival time. Popular online terminology today is ETA. It is used for railway, train, and other transport systems. It shows how long till an entity arrives or something is done.

It can be a train, plane, bus, ship, mail, or messenger. This word is used to show when a ship is expected to arrive. Time is given as a date with hours and minutes.

ETA full form also represents the expected time of arrival. Past experience and formulas are used to calculate the expected time. In public transport, the projected arrival time of trains, buses, planes, etc., is based on their static timetable, traffic intensity, and current and past movements.

Formula of ETA

The following ETA formula gives the exact time: ETA=Distance/Speed

  • The distance can measure in a kilometer or meters.
  • If distance measures in kilometers, then speed also define in km per hrs.

Let's see with an example:

Train from Delhi to Agra? The train travels between Delhi and Agra at 60 km/hrs. If you leave at 7 am, you will reach Agra at 10 am. Delhi to Agra has a 180 km aerial distance. You can divide distance with speed.

ETA = 180/60 = 3hr.

If you leave at 7 am, your arrival time after 3 hrs means 10 am.

Use of the ETA

  • You can get the exact time for each railway and train station.
  • If the train is non-stop from start to end, anyone can easily get the arrival time of the station.


The ETA helps each terminology to know the train's arrival time to the passenger. The simple ETA formula helps to get the required information at the required time.

BY Best Interview Question ON 06 Dec 2022