An App ID is a two-section string want to build up one or a lot of applications from one advancement group. The string comprises of a Team ID, and a pack ID seeks string, with a period (.) isolating the 2 components. The Team ID is provided by Apple and is exclusive to a selected development team, whereas the bundle ID search string is provided by the developer to match either the bundle ID of one app or a collection of bundle IDs for a bunch of apps. As a result of the majority consider the App ID as a string, they suppose it's interchangeable withBundle ID.

It seems this manner as a result of once the App ID is formed within the Member Center, you merely ever use the App ID Prefix that matches the Bundle ID of the applying Bundle. The bundle ID unambiguously defines every App. it's laid out in Xcode. One Xcode project will have multiple Targets and thus output different apps. A typical use case for this can be associate degree app that has each lite/free and pro/full versions or is branded in various ways that.

BY Best Interview Question ON 29 Mar 2019