Various types of filters can be added by using the pipe character ”|” and then followed by the specific filter. Some of them are-

  • orderBy - This filter orders an array by an expression.
  • uppercase - Set up a string to uppercase
  • lowercase -  Format a string to lowercase
  • number - Present a number to a string
  • date - Present a date to a specified format
  • currency - This filter presents a number to a currency format.
  • filter - Helps to select a subset of items from an array.
  • limitTo - As the name suggests it limits an array or string into a specified number of elements or characters.

Being an Angular Developer is not an easy job. It requires regular practice, staying focused and determined. But I hope these interview questions give you a better understanding of Angular as a framework and a clear picture of what type of questions could be asked in this interview. Just be confident and clear in your words.

BY Best Interview Question ON 22 Sep 2021