Certificate of Insurance

COI is a type of certificate issued by an insurance company or broker that clarifies an insurance policy's existence. It also summarises the aspects and conditions of the policy. COIs are summary documents issued on behalf of an insurer that writes the name of the insurer and insured, terms and conditions, policy limits, and duration/time of the policy.COIs contain qualifying language that expresses the document as informational. This shows that COIs are not contracts or legal documents of actual policies.

Purpose of COI (Certificate of insurance)

  • COIs can protect you if a contractor is harmed on your property while doing work.
  • COIs secure organizations are paid/compensated if the contracted work is done improperly.
  • COIs can take organizations from taking on unnecessary risks if a contractor is responsible for a loss.

However, while taking COIs is an important risk management strategy, there are several considerations to keep in mind. Insurance, anything is financial safety, helping you, secure your, and your family recover after something worst happens, such as fire, theft, or car accident, etc., when you purchase insurance, you will relieve a policy, which is a legal contract between you and your insurance provider.

The main reasons why insurance is important

  • Transfer of risk
  • Peace of mind
  • Financial security
  • Protection of you and your loved ones
  • No stress or tension during any mishappening

If we see in greater detail, the three most important types of the insurance policy are property, life, and liability.

Some other full forms of COI

  • Certificate Of Incorporation
  • Communications Operating Instructions
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