Can you separate hard and soft links in shell scripting? How?

Shell scripting is an effective perspective that uses links to create shortcuts, just Like windows. However, soft connections do not have any particular location, can be Anywhere on the same file system, and are usually related to the file name.

The same file time and hard links are on the same file system.

Hard Links are usually related to nodes with a specific fixed location. For example, let's say you have a file called a.txt. If you create a hard link to a file and then delete the file, you can still access the file using the hard link.

However, if you create a soft link to a file and then delete the file, the file becomes inaccessible through the soft link, and the soft link dangles. This is because hard links increase the reference count of a location, while soft links act as shortcuts (like in Windows).

BY Best Interview Question ON 23 Dec 2022