Assistant Station Master

The Assistant Station Master is a full form of ASM. An ASM is probably the best at any railway or train station. The frequency of ASM varies on rail traffic at a station.

Responsibilities of an ASM

ASMs manage and distribute all railway station tasks. Some of an ASM's duties are:

  • Manage and maintain the arrivals and departures of the satiation trains on time.
  • Providing a comfortable work environment for technical as well as non-technical staff.
  • Implementing a timesheet to track each train's departure and arrival times.

Criteria To be an ASM, candidates must:

  • They have earned a bachelor's degree from a recognized board or university.
  • An Institute of Rail Transport diploma in "Rail Transport and Management" might be helpful.
  • Candidates should be over 18 and under 33.
  • The candidates must be Indian.


The following details help for applying for the ASM post

Board Railway Recruitment Board
Reservation Direct RRB: 60%, General: 25%, SC/ST and OBC: 15%
Average Vacancies per year 6000 persons
Selection Process Written Exam with Interview

The written test has 150 questions on GK, GE, Math, and Aptitude.

ASM Preparation

Once a candidate passes their interview, they are trained. Candidates are educated about the many technical and administrative components of the post. Training lasts 8-10 months. All zonal railways have training schools.

ASM Skills Post

Railway jobs require energy and dedication. ASMs must be: Organized, committed, and professional. Problem-solving and question-answering require effective communication skills. Train timesheets require solid management abilities.


The ASM is a government post in the railway department with government perks.

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