An app in iOS goes through completely different states as it runs. These shows the states of the appliance life cycle. Below are the states of the associate app.

  • Not running

The application has not been running or was launched however was terminated by the system.

  • Inactive

The app is running within the foreground; however, it is presently not receiving events. (It is also death penalty alternative code though) the associate app typically stays during this state because it transitions to a distinct state.

  • Active

The app is running within the foreground and is receiving events. This is often the conventional mode for foreground apps.

  • Background

The app is within the context and executing code. Most apps enter this state shortly on their way to being suspended. However, an associate app that requests additional execution time might stay during this state for an amount of your time. Additionally, an app being launched directly into the background enters this state rather than the inactive state. For info concerning the way to execute code whereas within the environment, see Background Execution.

  • Suspended

The app is within the background; however, executing code isn’t. The system moves apps to the current state mechanically and doesn't send word them before doing this. Whereas suspended, the associate app remains in memory however doesn't execute any code.

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