PowerShell Interview Questions and Answers

Last updated on Feb 06, 2023
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PowerShell Interview Questions

PowerShell is automation as well as configuration management framework which is used for the development of the interactive object-oriented command-line shell. It is an interactive editor which is based on the .NET framework. The working of PowerShell is based on Cmdlets, Scripts, and classes. It is a scripting language which is commonly designed for administrative tasks. We have provided a set of PowerShell Interview Questions that will help to clear the PowerShell interview.

Most Frequently Asked PowerShell Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked PowerShell Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. What is PowerShell and why it is used for?

PowerShell is an object-oriented scripting language and automation framework which is used to develop a command-line shell. It is a command-line shell which is used to automate the batch processes. it is used with the help of IT professionals in order to automate the administrate

Q2. What's the significance of brackets in PowerShell?

Due to the object-oriented language, bracket plays an important role in PowerShell. The PowerShell employs four types of brackets namely parenthesis, braces, square and angular brackets. All these brackets come under control structure therefore in order to control the flow of the code brackets are required.

Q3. How to stop and start services in PowerShell?

In order to enable and disable services in PowerShell, it is important to edit the ServieName for example-

To start the service: Set-Services ServiceName- Startup Type Automatic

To delete the services: Set- Service ServiceName-Startup Type Disabled

Q4. What is a hash table in PowerShell?

Hash table is a data structure which used the mechanism of value/key pair. The professionals who create PowerShell scripts use variables to store data. For the storage of data in a highly secure environment hash table is used.

Q5. What are the execution policies in PowerShell?

There is a total of four execution policies in PowerShell namely-

  • Restricted
  • All Signed
  • RemoteSigned
  • Unrestricted
Q6. How do I enable execution policy in PowerShell?

In order to enable the execution of PowerShell following steps are required to perform-

  • Start Windows PowerShell
  • Run as an Administrator
  • Enable running script by using the command: Set-execution policy redesigned
Q7. What is CIM and how it is different from WMI in PowerShell?
In PowerShell, CMI stands for Common Information Model which is used for describing the structure of the behavior of the resources (Storage, software components, network, etc). While WMI is an abbreviated form of Windows Management Instrumentation which is used for the management of devices and network with the help of Windows computing systems.
Q8. How do you declare a variable in PowerShell?

Dollar Sign “$” is used to declare a variable in Power Shell for example- $varible1= 23

Q9. What is foreach loop in PowerShell?

For-each loop is a conditional statement which can be used in order to control the flow of the program.

Q10. What is $null in PowerShell?
In PowerShell, $null is an automatic variable which stores a null or empty value.

Latest version: PowerShell V6.0 is the latest version of PowerShell

  • PowerShell is an object-oriented programming language which supports a number of features such as classes, inheritance, encapsulation, data binding, polymorphism, etc.
  • It supports .NET framework objects and forms.
  • PowerShell support configuration and automation
  • It works on single thread operations and can invoke .NET libraries.
  • PowerShell allows the programmers and developers to innovate new things on a console
  • PowerShell is object-based which is one of its disadvantages
  • It is incorporated with weak security policies
  • PowerShell requires an additional web server on the server which takes additional space on a server.
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