Microsoft Interview Questions and Answers

Last updated on Jan 09, 2023
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Microsoft Interview Questions

When the world was busy using typewriters, Bill Gates and Paul Allen marked history and discovered Microsoft in 1975. Starting from New Mexico, Microsoft moved to Washington in 1979 and then developed into a brilliant worldwide partnership. It has so many scholarship programs, full-time positions, and internships that groom your skills. To be a part of this Big IT corporation candidates have to pass several interview rounds and to get you on that page, we ace up some Microsoft Interview Questions and Answers. Microsoft emphasis the fact that business is all about strengthening associations and individuals. Some of the well-known software products of this firmware are Microsoft Windows operating system, Internet Explorer, Edge Web browser, Microsoft Office suite and are used worldwide. Its market capitalization has consistently grown from the period of 2014 to 2020 over one trillion U.S Dollars. Today this organization is one of the most valuable brands with a value of close to 1.5 billion U.S dollars.

Most Frequently Asked Microsoft Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Microsoft Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. Do you use Microsoft products or services? If yes, which one is your favorite, and why?

The question is asked to check your familiarity with Microsoft’s services and can be used to highlight your skills or you can also make them realize in which area you are trying to land in Microsoft.


Of course, I use Microsoft products and services and my favorite is Microsoft Office 365 because this tool makes my work easier and allows me to work efficiently as a document created with this can be stored on the cloud and accessed with any device which has internet.

Q2. How would you explain the cloud to someone but you have only 90 seconds?

Last year somebody asked Dave Nielsen, founder of Cloud Camp to tell about cloud in two minutes, and this year he has updated his video by editing it 30 seconds shorter and comes with “OSSM” i.e.-

  • On-Demand- One doesn’t know when and why they are going to need service, but with this, you can use it at the moment you need it.
  • Scalable- You want it to grow or expand, you can do it.
  • Self Service- You don’t need anyone to set up this. You can do it all yourself.
  • Measurable- This helps in automating your system and you can be agile.
Q3. How will you check if a Binary tree is BST or not?

Before understanding this with a program let’s know some properties of BST.

  • Nodes in the left subtree of a node have keys less than the node’s key.
  • Nodes in the right subtree of a node in BST have keys greater than the node’s key.
  • Both left and right subtrees are also BST.
  • To check a binary tree is BST or not, we have different approaches like Brute Force Approach, Optimized Brute Force, and Using In order Traversal.
  • Today we will show this using the Inorder Traversal approach.

bool isBST(node* root)
     static node *prev = NULL;
     if (root)
        if (!isBST(root->left))
        return false;
       if (prev != NULL && root->data <= prev->data)
       return false;
       prev = root;
       return isBST(root->right);
  return true;

Q4. List out some main differences between standard modules and class modules?

The main difference between standard and class modules is in the way they handle the data.

  Class Module Standard Module
1. In the Class module, objects have their own copies of data. In the Standard module, there is only one copy of the global variable exist.
2. These are implementation of OOPs These are the implementation of procedural language.
3. Public variables can only be accessed if an object variable contains a reference to a particular instance of the class. In the standard module, if a variable is declared Public then it can be visible from anywhere.
4. Inheritance is supported by class module It doesn’t support inheritance.
Q5. How do you establish and maintain healthy connections with coworkers who work in different locations?

If you are working from different locations then maintaining business relationships could be difficult and it can create a gap in productive communication. Let’s look out some ways how you can stay connected-

  • Do less emailing and more video communication.
  • Meet in person if you have the opportunity to do so.
  • Stay available for any responsibilities and work emergencies.
  • You need to cooperate bit and work at the same time as your colleagues.
  • Don’t forget to keep everyone in the loop.
Q6. Is data deleted from the Recycle Bin permanently lost?

Files or Folders that have been deleted from Recycle Bin are still located in the hard drive or OS and can be restored from there with the help of the right software until they are overwritten by new data but if there is no hard drive attached to your system and if data is overwritten then you cannot restore the data.

Q7. Explain recursion in a way that a non-technical person may comprehend.

Let’s understand this question in a way our grandmother can get by following points-

  • Always remember one thing for a recursive program, the program calls itself at the end or return stage.
  • If the user leaves the program’s end, the program will never stop calling and hence enter into a recursive state.
  • It is mandatory to set the end conditions at the top otherwise it will run forever.

Suppose you are typing recursion in a web browser and it comes “Did you mean: recursion”? Click on that message. It will appear again. Now click again and there it is again. Click it….Ok enough. This process is recursion.

Q8. If Microsoft wanted to introduce a data analytics product to small businesses, how will you use your marketing skills to drive interest and highlight its virtues?
  • I will tell them data analytics would help them in boosting their business performance and could also improve their bottom line.
  • By data analytics your business support end-to-end delivery.
  • Data Analytics tells you how much money you are spending on a client and other profits.
  • It helps you in identifying exactly which products or services are in demand today.

Tips to crack Microsoft Interview Questions and Answers

  • Have an easy-to-read resume and don’t create a long one.
  • Gauge your plans means go through the company business, what they do, what are their products and services.
  • Don’t write things about which you don’t have any idea.
  • Show some excitement and confidence while solving the coding questions.
  • Clarify doubts regarding any questions. Don’t assume anything.
  • Always prepare some questions to be asked in the end to interviewer. This shows your excitement towards the company.
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