Kubernetes Interview Questions

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A Quick Overview of Kubernetes

Kubernetes is used as a platform for automating direction, scaling, and program setup. Created by Google, it is currently managed by Cloud Indigenous Computing Foundation. Kubernetes intends to provide an efficient solution for systems by simplifying installation, scaling, and operations of app containers round clusters of hosts. It operates on a cluster mode to reach out to container programs. Most cloud hosting providers supply a Kubernetes-based infrastructure or platform for something (PaaS or even IaaS) in which Kubernetes may be set up as being platform-providing support. Below are some Kubernetes interview questions which are vital for candidates whether they are a beginner, intermediate or expert.

What is Kubernetes? Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating utility deployment, management and scaling. It used to be at first designed via Google and is now maintained via the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.
Latest Version 1.179th December 2019
Developed By Cloud Native Computing Foundation
Written in Go
License Apache License 2.0
Author Google
Official Website https://kubernetes.io

Best Kubernetes Interview Questions And Answers

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