Google Analytics Interview Questions and Answers

Last updated on Jan 04, 2023
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Google Analytics Interview Questions

It has always been tough to crack a Google Interview. Even the Google Analytics Interview questions for experienced aspirants can contain some of the basic questions but most of the people are unable to get it. The reason behind this is that Google is one of the most well-known technical organizations of the world and Google Analytics is a part of it. Google Analytics is Google’s own web analytics service launched in the year 2005 in the month of November after acquiring the developer Urchin. The main job of Google Analytics is to track and report website traffic which works currently under the “Google Marketing Platform” brand. It is one of the most widely used analytics services across the web. A major function of Google Analytics is to provide SDK (Software Development Kit) which eventually gathers usage data from both the iOS as well as Android app, popularly known as ‘Google Analytics for Mobile’ app.

Most Frequently Asked Google Analytics Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Google Analytics Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q11. Explain the Acquisition report.
The acquisition section shows a website owner from where the visitors have originated from. The origination can be from search engines, social media networks or some website referrals. Through this method, one can know which marketing methods are working the best for them. The website owner can know if the keywords are working as they expect them to if the campaigns are working as they expect them to. Also, if one knows what is working and what is not working, by this the plans can be reformed.
Q12. What do you mean by behavior in Google Analytics?
The behavior overview reports express the report of all the pages of your website individually. Through it, one can know which pages are the most visited ones and which are lacking in the number of page visits. This can help in improving the marketing strategies used by online businesses. One more term that can be connected with this is the behavioral flow. The behavioral flow lets the website owners know the path through which the visitors traveled through to reach their website and to reach a specific page.
Q13. How Google Analytics count of the session?
Count of sessions can be defined as an nth number of sessions of a particular user. It is not dependent on the data range. For example, when a user initiates a new session, every time the counts of session increases by 1.
Q14. What is the formula for ROI?

ROI can be calculated by the formula : (Revenue-cost) / cost

Q15. Difference between Clicks and Visits?
Clicks Visits
Clicks refer to the number of times any user selects or clicks an ad. Visits can be counted as a number of sessions related to each visitor.
An ad can be clicked more than one time. The visit is the start of any session i.e. First view of the session.
Q16. What are the UTM parameters?
UTM parameters, also known as UTM codes, are some predefined text strings that can be appended to URLs, which can help the user to track those URLs easily when they are clicked on.

Advanced features of Google Analytics include custom visitor segmentation and Real-time analytics. Real-Time Analytics of Google was launched on September 29, 2011, which makes the user able to monitor visitors on the site. It helps to manage the website traffic and proves extremely beneficial for marketers and analysts. Google Analytics Interview questions are always a level up and thus a little tough to crack. Many aspirants work hard and are still unable to succeed because of the lack of basic knowledge about the company and its working. Here are a few Google Analytics Interview questions and answers which are extremely beneficial for enthusiasts who wish to succeed in the interview :

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