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05 Jan 2023, 10 Questions

CGI basically stands for a French phrase, “Conseillers en Gestion et Informatique” which means “Consultants in management and information technology”. It is a Canadian global information technology consulting company. CGI provides numerous services including consulting, system integration, outsourcing, and providing solutions. CGI has a massive career prospect worldwide with firm financial support and hikes. CGI interview questions cover all parts of computer science from programming to database. Thus, the aspirant needs to have good knowledge about all the aspects of CS to get a job here. There are questions of all levels, easy, intermediate, and hard, and the applicants can prepare for every type of question that might be asked to them when they go for an interview.

The people who are freshers need to study as many questions as they can because they have no prior experience and the organization will demand in-depth knowledge about all the current CGI technologies. The experienced people know many things about their respective fields but the trends and technology in CGI are changing at a rapid pace and they need to be aware of all the events that are happening worldwide to stay safe when they go for an interview. Below is some important and frequently asked CGI interview process that will help the freshers, experienced, and all others in between to crack the CGI interviews and grab the position they are wishing for:

Most Frequently Asked CGI Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked CGI Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. What do you know about CGI?

CGI is an interface that allows the users to access a web page to send or receive information or data over a server. The script of CGI can accept a set of keywords entered by the user as input, then it can process a search according to those keywords and can return favorable results to the web browser. Most of the time CGI scripts and its executables are run through the directory of CGI-bin.

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Q2. Differentiate between array list and vector list.

The first thing that everyone should know about array and vector lists is that both of them are used to implement list interface and an array is used for their internal structures by both of them.

Difference Between Array and Vector List:
  • Synchronization: The vector list is synchronized but the Array list is not.
  • Performance: Array list is faster than the Vector list because array lists are not synchronized hence they can perform better and faster.
  • Data Growth: Both of them grow and shrink dynamically but the way in which they resize is different. The increment in the Array list is 50% of its current size it the number of elements that are to be stored is more than it’s capacity whereas the Vector list increments 100% of its current size.
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Q3. Describe ASP.NET Page Life Cycle.

When there is a request for a page, the page is loaded in the memory of the server and it is then processed and then sent to the browser. After that, it is unloaded from memory. Methods and events are present at every step and they can be overridden according to the needs of the application that is being developed. It can also be said that the developer can write code to override the default code.

Phases of a Page life cycle:
  • Initialization
  • Page control’s Instantiation
  • State's maintenance and restoration
  • Event Handler code execution
  • Rendering of Page
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Q4. Explain the meanings of postback and view state.

The process of submitting an ASP.NET page to the server for the purpose of processing, this process is called Postback. When some credentials of a page are to be checked in reference to some page, at that time Postback is done. The values of a web page and the controls between the round trips can be preserved, the method used to preserve it is called View State.

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Q5. Write a program to reverse a linked list.

function reverse(head) {
let node = head,

while (node) {
// save next before we overwrite!
tmp =; = previous;
previous = node;
node = tmp;

return previous;

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Q6. Explain the advantages of OLE-automation.

There are following advantages of OLE-automation:

  • Easy to implement
  • Easy integration with various COM compliant applications is allowed
  • Is depended only on Programming Languages
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Q7. What are the differentiate between Createobject() and Getobject() functions?

Both Createobject() and Getobject() functions are used in visual basics. The basic difference between Createobject() and Getobject() functions is that Createobject() creates an object whereas the Getobject() function fetches an already existing instance of an object.

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Q8. Explain the new features added in .NET framework 4.0.

Following features were added in .NET framework 4.0:

  • Changes in security have been made
  • Deployment and Compatibility of application
  • Web
  • Enhancement of client in WPF
  • Data
  • Workflow and Communication
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Q9. Explain a real-life example of polymorphism.

Polymorphism is a very important object-oriented concept. It means having more than one form. It can be understood with the help of a real-life example of a person who has different characteristics such as being a father, a brother and an employee at the same time. Having different characteristics can result in different roles and responsibilities and different behavior of the same person at the same time in different situations. Polymorphism works in a similar way in object-oriented programming.

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Q10. What is dynamic programming?

Dynamic programming can be defined as a method of solving a complex coding problem with the help of breaking it down into a group of less complex parts. The user can then solve these subproblems one by one and store all the solutions using a memory-based data structure. This data structure may include array, map or any other. It helps in giving the best solutions for the given problem. A dynamic programming algorithm is used in solving a huge number of problems nowadays.

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