Product Manager Interview Questions

Last updated on Jun 03, 2021
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Product Manager Interview Questions

Product Managers are the individual contributors who are responsible for building a user-friendly and commercially successful software product that meets the functional needs of end-users. They meet economic, social, and emotional needs. Product managers should have deep knowledge of user experience, business, and technology. Hiring Managers take product manager interviews of those who have knowledge of engineering concepts and be able to build great working relationships with engineers. The Product Manager helps organizations to decide what product to build and helps the team members to deliver those products on time. Product manager interview questions are based on creating strategic plans, developing roadmaps, understanding technical trends and challenges.

Qualities Of A Good Product Manager

  • Having a result-driven personality.
  • Having good communication skills.
  • Must have vision and Leadership.
  • Hands-on person.
  • Having problem-solving ability.
  • Team spirit

Most Frequently Asked Product Manager Interview Questions

Here in this article, we will be listing frequently asked Product Manager Interview Questions and Answers with the belief that they will be helpful for you to gain higher marks. Also, to let you know that this article has been written under the guidance of industry professionals and covered all the current competencies.

Q1. How have you had an impact at your previous company?

This answer focuses on the positive impact of the previous job. It keeps focusing on the task, situation, and structure rather than the people.

Example-I felt that the opportunities for me there were limited by the structure and size of the company and also realized that I wasn’t able to fulfil all my potential due to a lack of challenges.

Q2. How do you determine what customers want and need?

To answer this question, you have to describe the ways that you can identify the needs and requirements of the potential customers.

For example- I would identify the target audience and share the innovation, relevant information, and background of the product and also emphasizes how the product is beneficial to them.

Q3. What tactics and processes would you use to manage the launch of a new product?

Simply, we have to describe that you should launch a product with teamwork, team effort, schedule, and how progress is tracked.

Example- I also take advice from the stakeholder when setting a schedule with date and delivery. I also check that if we are staying on the right track then we continue to design that product and market the product towards the right audience.

Q4. What do you believe are the qualities of a great product manager?

This is the most frequently asked product manager interview question where you have to tell about your qualities. Make sure you are telling the best qualities about yourself as an answer to this question.

Example- I is a team worker having good communication skills, problem-solving skills, business skills, passion for products, and the ability to build a good user experience.

Q5. What do you think defines good product design?

For answering this question, you have to tell about the features of the product that are used to solve the problems and share your understanding of what makes a great product design

Example- The good product design describes the end-user’s requirements that make the product useful, better, discreet, and long-lasting.

Q6. How would you improve our current product?

The best way to answer this question is that you understand the product correctly, also the business objective, and try suggesting different solutions depending on your objective.

Example- Firstly, we have to identify the problem that we are facing and then define the requirements again according to the user’s needs and develop new features in the current product that will result in an efficient and better product using different methodologies.

Q7. How did you interact with your users in a previous company?

This answer references the specific experience, career growth, and loyalty that are valuable to the job. The candidate also explained how they could help the company if they were to be hired.

Example- I am excellent at extensive skills, easily understand the customer requirements, and find all different ways that make customers happy.

Q8. What inputs do you use to build your roadmap?

To answer this question, you have to describe various inputs and strategies required that are used to create a roadmap.

Example- First of All, we have to collect inputs. Inputs may include requirements, analysis, requests, and feedback from the sources like team members, customers, and stakeholders, etc., and analyse inputs according to priority then use prioritization frameworks for prioritizing inputs before creating a roadmap that will help you to communicate.

Q9. How do you know if a product launch is successful?

This question is common when we are giving a product manager interview. To answer this question your goals are something like specific revenue increase, number of new customers earned. Make sure that your goals align with your business goals.

Example- A product launch is successful when it is generating revenues or your orders are pouring in and you are hiring more sales to keep up with the demand.

Q10. Who do you respect most for their leadership ability and why?

The answer to this question is that you have to mention a name whom you respect for their leadership ability and the reason behind it is why you respect that person.

Example- Suppose the name of the person is Amit. I respect Amit for his leadership ability because he motivates everyone, he has good communication skills and is a decision-maker.

Interviews are works as the final action that determines whether the hiring manager will shortlist the candidate or not. That is why you need to work or practice hard for all PM interview questions. Study these questions and practice them by answering the questions in the front of the mirror to build confidence in yourself.

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