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A team leader is a person who appreciates the collective intelligence of the team; who believes in the power of diversity among team members. He is the one who directs the team towards the desired goals under the prime objective of the organization well. The primary role of the team leader is to analyze, manage, control and develop human resources of the team. In the article, we will cover the leadership Interview Questions which will help you to become a successful and goal-oriented leader. Apart from this, the prime role, duty, and responsibility of the team leader are to provide proper and optimal direction, guidance, instruction, and leadership to the team members to achieve goals.

Role of Team Leader

The team leader plays a vital role in every sector, the preliminary objective of the team leader is to guide and direct the employees in the forward direction to achieve organization objectives. Some of the prime roles of the team leaders are-

  • Helping the higher authorities of the organization in running the department
  • Strategizing the business plan in order to run the business operations
  • Understand the major requirements of the organization
  • Establish a communication channel between the stakeholders and develop stakeholder engagement plans
  • Effectively manage the human resources of the organization
  • Helping to keep the team members focused on the mission despite personality conflicts, work style differences.
  • Expands his capabilities by analyzing the interests

Qualities of Team Leader

An effective team leader has a variable trait through which he/she can encourage the team members to do better. The qualities involve listening, leading, loyalty, encouraging team members, working enthusiastically, anticipating opportunities. Embracing changes, achieving competitive advantages, articulation, etc are other qualities.

In addition to this, team leaders also have perceived quality which involves educated, energetic, responsible, recognize accomplishment, risk-taker, and example setter.

Responsibilities of the team leader

Given listed are some of the preliminary responsibilities of the team leader-

  • To provide proper guidance and directing plan which improves the performance of the employees
  • To clear the vision of the project which they have undertaken
  • To monitor and identify the progress of the project
  • To access feedback from the employees, with an aim to improve the workplace experience
  • To proactively address the risks, assets, threats, challenges that vulnerabilities are associated with the project goal.
  • To implement best business-oriented and customer value proposition strategies using best practices for the achievement of business objectives.

Common problems that team leaders face

The team leader has to analyze the loopholes in the business operations and reform the business practices and processes which are goal-oriented. It has been analyzed that most of the leader fail to sustain and overcome the organizational challenges due to-

  • Lack of learning skills from mistakes
  • Lack of conflict resolving skills
  • Improper communication skills and team management skills
  • Lack of sufficient knowledge about leadership qualities
  • Improper selection of leadership style


It is not easy to become an effective leader, as it requires lots of practice, determination, and patience. As we have discussed above in the post, the team leader serves a vital role in an organization. In the article, the Best Interview Questions regarding leadership roles and responsibilities are discussed. The tips covered in the post will help you to make team leaders role effective and easier. Besides, it is also true that he should know their strengths and weakness to use both the factors as a tool.