Updated on 30 May 2019 | 3 Min Read

The reasons are just plenty and satisfactory for JavaScript being one of the most users preferred and popular client-side programming language. We bring you essential topics related to Node.js for your easy understanding and perform best with complex Node js interview questions. Node.js is the latest trend and has played a significant role in this massive success of JavaScript. With its sky-high demand, the job opportunities are quite exceptional in this niche, so as the interview process.

Before we jump to the benefits of Node.js, let’s briefly know what Node.js is and with what principle it works with.

What is Node.js?

Well, the most straightforward answer to this would be – It’s a JavaScript run-time environment built on the V8 JavaScript of Chrome. It has an advanced and substantial built-in library that permits applications to operate as a web server without any software such as IIS or Apache HTTP Server.

So, What Does Make Node.js Popular? What are the Benefits of Using It?

  • Capability to Handle Asynchronous I/O
  • Offers Great Scalability
  • Easy Learnability
  • Growing Community
  • Robust Technology
  • Event-Based Model
  • Matchless Ecosystem

# Capability to Handle Asynchronous I/O

Node.js is completely capable of handling asynchronous I/O from its very ground, which makes it an excellent match to a long list of various standard network and web development problems. With its superb capability of quick JavaScript execution, it also offers the Event Loop feature. Node.js performs every I/O intensive operation asynchronously to scale large volumes of clients.

# Offers Great Scalability

With Node.js, it’s straightforward to scale applications in vertical as well as horizontal directions. By adding additional nodes in the existing system, applications can be scaled here in a horizontal manner. It also liberates developers the option to add extra resources to single nodes during application’s vertical scaling. This makes Node.js the superior choice compared to other JavaScript servers.

# Easy Learnability

Due to the scenario that JavaScript is the most popular programming language, almost every front-end developer has a good grasp of it. This makes it easier for them to learn Node.js and start working with it at the backend.

# Growing Community

Node.js has a great open source community and time to time; it has produced many excellent modules that can be stuffed with additional capabilities to the Node.js application.

# Robust Technology

Due to a part of JavaScript, Node.js has quickly become one of the most famous names in the development industry. The benefits of Node.js are the most targeted Node js interview questions and answers, so it’s crucial to practice with all of them as much as possible. Using Node.js automatically makes the user eligible for all the JavaScript development benefits such as code reuse and sharing, easy knowledge sharing, excellent performance and speed, better efficiency with productivity, less time consumption, reliable software and plenty more.

# Event-Based Model

The use of Chrome v8 engine, asynchronous request handling, and non-blocking input/output make Node.js capable enough to process requests faster, better and without delay when compared to PHP, GO Java, and others. It effortlessly demonstrates remarkable performance improvements, parallel processing, and short response time.

# Matchless Ecosystem

A rich ecosystem is another advantage of using Node.js. The npm package manager of Node.js has more than 836,000 libraries, and thousands of more are getting published in it every week to its registry, making it a feature vibrant ecosystem for developers to thrive.