Updated on 23 Mar 2020 | 3 Min Read

Job interviews are full of uncertainty; by the time you wrap up your final interview round, eagerness to know about the result just increases. A good interview is one where you can emphasize relevant skills with job experience. Also, you leave a good impression on your future boss and colleagues, therefore laying a good foundation for entering your next workplace.

During the interview, look for critical indicators for getting an idea of how the interview is going. Here are some signs you got the job:

Look out for your interviewer’s expressions.

Typically, if you sensitively present yourself, the interviewer is somewhat impressed/intrigued. Even though they have to be neutral/professional throughout the process, there are some minute expressions like always nodding to what you are saying, smiling and acknowledging your conversations. If you notice any of these, you are definitely on the right track.

Listen to their language use carefully.

During the beginning phase of an interview, your interviewer might be cautious with word usage and might speak in a controlled fashion. But, when you start having a conversation and express your professionalism while maintaining complete honesty, they start talking more freely.

Look out for sentences that begin with "When" instead of "If" or "You will" instead of "You would". This suggests that in their mind, they have somewhat decided on hiring you. Hurray!

Be attentive to the questions being asked.

In the middle or maybe towards the end, your interviewer might stray a bit from the typical questions and start asking you casual/personal questions.

Don't fret; they are still interested in you!

Asking casual/personal questions does not mean that you are not the fit candidate. On the contrary, the interviewer is satisfied with your professional background and is trying to get to know you better.

Think about it; you are going to spend almost 8-10 hours daily with them. So, listen to those questions attentively, and try to answer most honestly so that they know that you will be a fit for their company culture. This is one of the most important signs you got the job after an interview.

Analyze your interview conversation

Generally, after the technical rounds, the interviewer talks about company culture, vision, job description or something similar. When they start talking about some specific project or skill of yours, note that they are interested in you. This is one of the important signs you got the job.

Look for external conversations during the interview.

Suppose you go on a tour of the office with your interviewer. This allows other people in the organization to meet you. If there is a conversation with a member of your future team or maybe the senior manager, you are in luck. This is a regular routine for the interviewer to show you around to individuals within the organization related to your work or even critical stakeholders.

Money Discussion

Yes, finally! If the interviewer finds you fit for the job position, they will try to shift the conversation towards a critical factor of employment, money. They shall start by asking you about your current salary, both in-hand and CTC, your expectations. Now, whether you negotiate during this process or at a later stage, if you are being asked these questions, congratulations on your new job!