Updated on 30 Sep 2019 | 3 Min Read

It an open-source framework for front-end development, initially introduced by Google, was introduced in focus to decouple the logic of the application and was aimed at dynamic page updates. A revolutionary platform for building better mobile and desktop applications, Angular has laid out its variants before its users with great features and regular updates. Backed up by a name like Google, it brings relief for sure to its users with a strong base of code and support.

Angular variants like Angular 2 and Angular 4 are one of the most competent versions of the series. Released in the March 2019, Angular is unlike Angular 3, Angular 2, and Angular JS, and seems to be completely rewritten version of the angular series. Angular 4 highly supports the Typescript. Angular 4 can even help the developers to reduce the size of the code to an amazing of about 60%. Also, the further addition to its component-based structure has been proven to provide a better quality of coding support to the development of the high performing platforms.

Benefits of Angular 4

  • Angular 4 has added to the ease of using design syntax in the predefined templates.
  • Angular 4 is equipped with Typescript compatibility adding to its competency.
  • Have better services to be offered under the vertical of animation and designing.
  • Angular 4 introduces a new title – “Pipe”. The feature can be used to change the first letter of every word to an uppercase letter.
  • Angular 4 can even help you transform your predesigned template into a completely coded document which will ease the hustle towards the coding framework.
  • Angular 4 is competent enough to be ahead of its time and can even support cross-platform developmental activities.

Basic differences between Angular 2 and Angular 4

  Angular 2 Angular 4
The Size Of The Code The size of code generated using the platform Angular 2 would be bigger. The file would also require more space. The larger size may affect the performance of the application thus created. The size of code generated using the platform Angular 4 would be smaller in size when compared with Angular 2. The file would also require comparatively less space by up to 60%. This may help in improving the performance of the application made.
Components The interviewee is expected to know the diversification and different verticals included in the software. There is no animation feature offers in the Angular 2. Animation features are pulled out of the core angular and included in the package.
Compatibility Considering several points that Angular 2 brings with it for its usage and purpose, it is not well acquainted to support the previous version - Angular JS. For most of the applications and platforms made by Angular 4, the program seems to be compatible with the previous version - Angular 2.

Angular 4 is the successor and the latest version of the widely famous series of Angular framework and is expected to do pretty well in the scenario and keeping up with the performance of the well-performing predecessors.